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Iran country is amongst the first regions where agriculture was done there due to the fertile soil and the water is suitable for cultivation. Also, there are numerous species of Fresh fruits and agricultural products in Iran so this country is considered as one of the most potential food producers and providers which its fresh fruits and products has many lovers worldwide.

As mentioned above, Iran region plays a significant role in producing fresh fruits and. Iranian fresh fruits and vegetables are more tasty, colorful and fragrant than others because Iran is a sunny country. furthermore, this country possessing up to dates machines in food sorting and food drying industry, can provide best grades of all kinds of dried fruits.

“Providing quality products is our credit and we do our best to build customer trust.”

– Fruityland CEO

Iranian nuts have become one of the symbols of Iranian culture. Also, it is one of the well-known products which has a high volume of export to the international markets. Iranian Nuts has many fans and consumers all around the world. This market is well managed by Iranian traders recently due to the attention and innovation in packaging of nuts.

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Iranian Other Products

Iranian Other Products

By upgrading the level of production in Iran and number of factories, as well as supporting producers and removing their barriers from government side, and also harvesting best grades of foods from this region yearly, Iran can produce many processed foods which can be consumed inside and outside the world and can be add to Product portfolio of any country which is willing to use Iranian other products.
So other than fresh or dried, Iranian products can be presented in the form of canned or processed as customer request.

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