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Iranian apple

Apple is one of the typical fruits of cold regions, whose production is also common in temperate areas, and every year very high tonnages of this fruit are produced and supplied in the world. Numerous properties and the high nutritional value of this fruit have made many people want to buy apples.

The fruit is widely produced in China and exported to other parts of the world, and with an annual production of 33 million tons of apples, it ranks first in the world and accounts for about 50% of world production.

China is followed by the United States, Turkey, India, Iran, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Poland, and Russia, which account for about 50 percent of the world’s production.

Iran is one of the countries where apple production is widespread in its mountainous areas. There is the fertile soil in these areas. As a result, the specific climate and good soil have led to the production of apple trees in Iran, which is known as a first-class apple.

Approximately ,90 percent of Iranian apple production is for Red delicious and Golden apple cultivar. Every year Iranian apple exports to many countries. Iranian apples are nutrient fresh fruits with a tasty juicy texture. In the middle of the apple fruit, there is a few tiny brown seeds.

Normally, apples are sensitive fruits to temperature conditions and the time which is chose for harvesting apples is a very important factor for exporting apples. In export cases, for preventing apple corruption, the fruits should be harvested earlier than the normal harvesting time. Apples which harvested in later time, has a shorter stem.

Types of Iranian apples

Apple is one of the most widely consumed fruits in the Iranian market. It has different cultivars such as yellow apple (golden apple), red apple and green apple. Each of these cultivars has its properties, taste, and customers.

Red Apple

This type of apple is the most typical and cultivated apple in Iran. Red apple, in addition to its cheerful and attractive color, also has a fragrant aroma and sweet taste. Red apples are widely used in the preparation of jams, desserts, etc…

Yellow Apple

This type of apple, also known as Lebanese apple, is the most consumed apple in Iran after red apple. This product is a sweet and juicy apple with light yellow skin and is one of the first apples to be propagated in Iranian gardens. This apple has a unique taste, and juiciness is used to prevent many diseases.

Green Apple

This type of apple, also known as the French apple, is cultivated in very few provinces in Iran. There are green apples with sour and sweet flavors, and the choices vary depending on each person’s taste. This type of apple contains vitamin C, manganese, and potassium. The green apple tree is mainly found in the West Azerbaijan province.

Apple type Shape Taste Skin/outer color Meat/inner color
Red delicious Round top/Flat base Sweat Clear red creamy white
Golden Round Sweat Clear yellow Yellowish white
Granny smith Round Sweat & Sour Clear light green White

Benefits of Iranian apple

Iranian apples contain valuable amounts of minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. The existence of high nutrient ingredients of apple fruit is obviously stated in an old proverb that mentioned “every day eat one apple and you will never need doctor “. the richness of health benefits in this fruit, cause the popularity and vast usage of this fruit amongst other fruits.

Consuming Iranian apple has a lot of benefits:

  • whitening of facial skin
  • Natural skin hydrator
  • Facial skin rejuvenation
  • Treat acne, pimples, and acne scars
  • Treatment of puffiness under the eyes
  • Strengthen and increase hair growth
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Treatment of dandruff
  • aiding weight loss and slimming
  • Avoid Alzheimer

Nutrition table of Iranian Apple

Apple contains several essential nutrients:

Nutrition facts per 100 gr Iranian apple
Calories: 53
Water: 87%
fat: 0.4 mg
Carbohydrates: 14.1g
Fiber: 2.5g
Sugars: 11.9g
Protein: 0.25g


Export of Iranian apple

Iran is one of the countries where apple production is widespread in its mountainous areas. There is the fertile soil in these areas and rainy climate. As a result, the exceptional climate, along with good soil, has led to the production of apples in Iran, which is known as a first-class apple.

Iran is the fifth-largest producer of apples globally. The production of this product is typical in cold regions of Iran such as West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Fars, Tehran, Isfahan Khorasan Razavi, and Ardabil. This Iranian export product is top-rated in neighboring countries, and one of the best types of apples in the region is produced in Iran and exported to other countries. The wholesale market of apples is very prosperous, and it is kept in cold stores after harvesting until the time of sale. A very high percentage of apples harvested in Iran (more than 80%) are distributed in foreign markets. Currently, Iraq, Russia, Qatar, UAE, and Oman are the largest buyers of Iranian apples in the region, and significant amounts of apples annually are exported.

In recent years, the production and sale of apples in Iran have increased, and the reasons for this can be the use of optimal methods to maintain trees and the use of abundant species of this product. The price of exported apples is determined based on the annual production of this product and the amount of supply and demand. Also, factors such as size, type, packaging, taste, destination country, shipping cost, etc., directly affect exported apples price. To buy and know the price of exported apples, You can contact us through the form below.

Apple request price form

    Harvesting Iranian Apple

    Autumn is the best time to harvest apples and enjoy the aroma and taste of this attractive fruit but many people do not know how to store this heavenly fruit correctly.

    In other words, from the time you buy a apple until you eat it, you have to keep the apple well and in the right place.

    • Tree apples stay in the refrigerator healthy and fresh for a long time, but for proper storage, you need to consider the following points:
    • apple should maintain in the fridge at a distance from other fruits. For this, you can wrap them in a newspaper.
    • When buying, it is necessary to pay attention that they are not too ripe and should be placed in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4°C.
    • Apples produce ethylene gas themselves, so it is best to keep them away from vegetables.
    • The use of boxes and wood chips is also an excellent option for the long-term storage of apples.
    • Apple should be stored in a cool, dry place away from the sun.

    Shelf life

    Iranian apples are sentient fruits to weather conditions. so long-term apple preservation, needs special temperatures. In order to preserve apple freshness, preventing stain creation on apple texture it must be shipped with refrigerated containers and following that much temperature differences should not occur while transferring products. Iranian apples can be kept for 15 days in 10 degree centigrade, for 3 months in 1 degree centigrade and up to 8 months in suitable refrigerator.

    Packaging of Iranian apple

    Fruityland company packages Iranian apples for customers in proper boxes. packaging sizes are mentioned below depending on customer request:

    • carton box
    • plastic box or telescopic carton

    Consumer package weights are:

    • A)3KG
    • B)8KG

    Bulk Packing weight are:

    • 10 Kg (GW), 9 Kg (NW): 33 PCs, 44 PCs, 50 PCs
    • 18 Kg (GW), 17Kg (NW): 66 PCs, 88 PCs, 100 PCs
    • 21 Kg (GW), 20Kg (NW):113 PCs, 125PCs, 150 PCs

    *** packaging for apples can be carton box, plastic box or telescopic carton ***

    ***Fruityland can also provide any type of Iranian apples in any other packaging as customer request***

    Shipping of Iranian apple

    Fruityland company can also take all necessary circumstances for transferring, shipping, and shipping the products with its years of experience in exporting fresh/dried fruits and nuts worldwide. This company can make contracts in FOB or CFR depending on customer demands with refrigerated or dry containers. This company also has offices in Dubai And Turkey for ease of financial transactions.

    This company also has offices in Dubai And Turkey for ease of financial transactions.


    Iranian apple plastic box


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