Iranian Dried figs


Dried figs are waterless types of figs fruit which has an intensive pucker & dried white-creamy skin. Inward dried figs contain of amethystine meaty texture and tiny seeds. Figs fruit normally anhydrases in the shade or in the direct sunlight. Also, they can be produced either in a situation that are not picked from the tree until major dehydration and falling off. Archaeologist mentioned that figs were amongst the first human-growth fruits which backs to 11,500 years ago. Three major producers of figs are: USA, Turkey & Iran.

Dried fig moisture: max 14 %.

Dried fig Grades

Dried fig producers normally categorize dried figs due to three major quality points:

1-skin color 2-size of dried fig 3-openness /percentage of dried figs mouth

Dried Fig type Grade Size/Diameter Skin color Opening mouth /percentage
101 AAA Over 22 mm yellowish white 90-99 % open
AA max 22 mm – min 18 mm yellowish white 85-90 % open
A max 22 mm – min 18 mm yellowish white 50-60 % open
AA max 22 mm – min 18 mm yellowish white 90-100 % close
A max 20 mm – min 16 mm yellowish white/some Brownish white 90-100 % close
B Above 14 mm Grayish brown 90-100 % close
AA A From 22 to 12 mm (customer request) Light dried fig Wet Texture & Close mouth
B Dark dried fig


1)select your needed Raisin type (101, AA,A,B,Pressed) from above box.

2)fill the pre-order form which is available in related product page in order to specify your required product and its Specifications, required services. So, you will be informed by the newest price according to your order.

*** kindly be note that price of dried figs is variable and will calculate according to many factors: characteristics of product (Grade,Packing,Form) ,required services, terms of shipment and…

(appearance characteristics of each type also mentioned).

Usage & Benefits

Dried figs are very rich in valuable vitamins & minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin C. Also, dried figs are very nutrient snack that contains high fiber so regular consumption of this fruit will case controlling weight and weight loss and it is a suitable and useful choice for those who suffer anemia.


Normally, figs trees grow in valleys. In Iran, most qualified figs are harvesting from Estahban valley, near Fars province. Estahban valley is popular as the main fig production center in FAO. Either the soil or the weather conditions of this valley are suitable for fig production. The harvesting time of figs starts in the middle of August. Figs usually picked in are August and September.

Nutrition facts (Per 100g dried fig)
Calories: 248 kcal
Protein content: 3.4 g
Carbohydrates: 61 g
Fiber: 13 g
Total fat: 1.1 gr
Calcium: 161 mg
Sodium: 11 mg
zinc: 0.58 mg


Fruity land corporation as it is equipped by the up to dates machines and technologies in the field of providing, processing, preserving and exporting fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts can supply dear worldwide customers all kinds of raisins in below packaging:

Bulk packaging:

10 kg carton

12.5 kg carton

Consumer packaging:

It can be varying according to customer’s request

Shelf life

Dried figs can be stored in well-ventilated room temperature for 1 year , in order to preserve the quality and the taste of dried figs it would be better to keep them in a below 5 degree refrigerator.

Shipping and services

Fruity land company with its years of experience in the field of exporting fresh / dried fruits and nuts to all over the world, also can take into action all necessary circumstances for transferring, shipping and exporting the products.
This company can make contracts in the form of FOB or CFR depending on customer demands with refrigerated or dry containers.

This company also has offices in Dubai And Turkey for ease of financial transactions.


dried fig packaging sample
dried fig packaging sample
fruityland carton packaging
fruityland carton packaging
fruityland carton packaging

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