How to Consume Dates?

Dates are the fruit of the palm tree, which has been used since ancient times and has a long history. Dates are found mostly in arid regions such as the Middle East, North Africa, India, and California. According to the researchers, dates have many properties, and for this reason, it has gained a lot of popularity today, and it is used instead of harmful sugars. Dates are very diverse and in different types: Mazafati dates, Pyarom dates, Madjul dates, Zahedi dates, Shahi dates, Rabbi dates, etc.
Dates can be consumed in several ways, which in the continuation of this article, we will review the different methods of consuming dates:

Daily consumption of dates

Most researchers believe that dates have a very high nutritional value and can be consumed daily and regularly; however, excessive consumption of dates can cause diseases such as diabetes.
Dates have a lot of fiber, which is very helpful for people who suffer from constipation. Dates also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. Calcium and vitamins in dates rejuvenate the skin, prevent anemia, especially in women, and make hair thicker. Doctors say that it is better to consume between 3 to 5 dates daily, considering all these benefits of consuming dates. Willow thought that dried dates have more sugar, so you should be more careful in consuming it because dried dates lose only their sugar when they lose their moisture.

Eat dates for breakfast

One of the best times to eat dates is in the morning and at breakfast. Eating dates in the morning increases the absorption of minerals and vitamins in your body. Dates with a good amount of natural sugar increase your energy during the day, and the fiber in dates makes you feel full longer. This fruit reduces your appetite and prevents hunger and high blood sugar. You can have two dates in the morning with your breakfast and enjoy its unique benefits.

Consume dates with tea

Tea, one of the most popular hot drinks, is also widely consumed. Depending on their taste or habit, most people tend to consume their tea with sugar and candy. Consumption of artificial sugars can lead to weight gain, obesity, and diabetes. So, it is better to consume 2 to 3 dates with your tea and enjoy its sweet taste and benefit from its vitamins and minerals. Dates have anti-cancer properties and prevent cardiovascular disease. It is noteworthy that vitamin A in dates is very suitable for eye health and vision. Eating dates with tea can be a great fruit for you in the afternoon because dates provide the energy you need to get through the day.

Consume dates in fruit cakes

Fruit cakes with date ingredients are among the most common desserts containing dates in the United States. If you want your dessert to be naturally sweet, you can use dates in your cakes to enjoy its numerous benefits in addition to its good taste.

Consume dates in a smoothie

Adding one or two seedless dates to a smoothie can make it taste great and sweet. Dates without kernels are very common in smoothies. The combination of dates, bananas, milk, and coconut powder is one popular smoothie that uses dates. This type of smoothie is also very useful for athletes.

Stuffed date dessert

Dates can be filled with different ingredients and eaten as a healthy dessert. For example, to prepare a type of stuffed date palm, you can follow the following command:
• First, remove the kernels of the dates and put them in the refrigerator.
Then pour oil into a pan and fry the white flour a little to change its color.
Next, add cardamom powder, cinnamon, and powdered sugar to your flour and fry it.
• At this stage, fill the belly of your dates with the mentioned powder mixture and then use your favorite kernels such as pistachio kernels or almonds or walnuts and put them on the powders.
• And finally, put your stuffed dates in the refrigerator for about 40 minutes and until ready to eat.
You are allowed to change the consumables according to your taste. This type of dessert is also very useful for athletes.

Date roulette dessert

Another popular dessert in which dates are used is date roulette. Date roulette is a healthy and useful dessert. To make a date roulette, you must first separate the date kernels from it, pour it into a bowl and grab it with gloves, then add some butter to it so that the mixture is soft and smooth and mix it together. When the mixture is completely one-handed, pour it on a flattened freezer bag and flatten it with a rolling pin.
Meanwhile, fry the white flour on low heat until it changes color. After the flour cools, pour it on the dates and then, according to your taste, chop the desired kernel, such as walnuts, pistachios, or almonds, pour it on the date mixture, and insert it into the mixture by hand pressure. Place another freezer bag on the mixture and roll gently. Refrigerate your roulette for at least 4 hours, and then cut the roulette to the desired size.

Milk and date drinks

One of the simplest desserts made with dates is milk and date drinks. This drink is very nutritious and helpful. Relieving the cold nature of milk, preventing weakness, treating muscle cramps, quenching thirst, and satiety are among the properties of milk and date drinks.

Consume dates with flour

Consumption of dates and sesame seeds is prevalent on cold winter days. Consumption of dates and flour give a lot of energy to you. Tahini is made by roasting and pounding sesame seeds and has several properties on its own. The combination of dates and sesame is very beneficial. Its benefits can be: suitable for relieving cold temper, strengthening physical strength, preventing anemia, improving anti-cancer brain function, increasing energy during the day, maintaining cardiovascular health, etc.

According to the above, dates can be consumed in various ways. Many desserts use dates, and in general, it can be said that it covers all tastes.

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