Iranian Piarom dates

piarom dates is the one of the most valuable types of Iranian dates.

Annually, high volumes of piarom dates exported to many countries around the world. Piarom dates also is familiar as maryami dates in some bazaars. piarom date is known because of its big and long appearance and unique flavor. Piarom dates has a brownish black color and 3-5 cm length .one piarom dates weights approximately 12 grams. piarom dates moisture is 16-18% and it is considered as dry or semi-dry dates. piarom dates has a wrinkled thin skin which hardly sticks to the fruit.


Piarom Date Price

1)please fill the pre-order form which is available in related product page in order to specify your required product and its Specifications, required services. So, you will be informed by the newest price according to your order.

*** kindly be note that price of piarom dates is variable and will calculate according to many factors: characteristics of product (Grade,Packing,Form) ,required services, terms of shipment and …

 (appearance characteristics of each type also mentioned).


Usage & Benefits

Piarom dates is considered as the most qualified and expensive commercial types of Iranian dates. Piarom dates is rich in minerals, fiber and sugar. piarom sugar is completely fructose. The fiber which exists in dates is a good source for gastrointestinal health. Piarom date also contains of potassium so it acts well for controlling blood pressure.


Harvesting time & place

piarom dates mainly harvesting from haji abad city of hormozgan province. piarom dates are also cultivating from date groves of jiroft and saravan. Piarom dates harvesting time usually starts in august and lasts till end of October.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts (Per 100 gr piarom dates)


492 kcal


38 g


41 g

Trans fat

0 g


8 g


0.97 mg


25-55 mg


7 mg


4.07 mg


30.97 gr




Fruity land corporation as it is equipped by the up to dates machines and technologies in the field of providing, processing, preserving and exporting fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts can supply dear worldwide customers piarom dates in below packaging:

  • Bulk packaging
  • 5 &10 kg carton  
  • Consumer packaging:
  • 450 gr boxes (12 box per mother box) = 5.5 kg mother carton total weight



Fruity land co, with years of experience in the field of packaging and as a professional Dates, Nuts, fresh and dried fruits exporter can supply dear customers below piarom date grades:

  • VIP:  4 – 5.5 cm, 85 – 105 dates Kg (varies per crop year)
  • Jumbo:   3. 5   cm, 90 -115 dates Kg (varies per crop year)
  • Normal:  3 – 4 cm, 110 -135 dates Kg 
  • Small:  2 – 3.5 cm, 130 -150 dates Kg


Shelf -life

piarom dates is arid and has low moisture. piarom dates can be preserved for 90 days (depends on air condition) after the date of production in a room temperature which has proper air 0-5-degree temperature can be kept for 12 month and below 5 degree for 24month.


Shipping and services

Fruity land company with its years of experience in the field of exporting fresh / dried fruits and nuts to all over the world, also can take into action all necessary circumstances for transferring, shipping and exporting the products.

This company can make contracts in the form of FOB or CFR depending on customer demands with refrigerated or dry containers.


This company also has offices in Dubai And Turkey for ease of financial transactions.


dates packaging sample
dates packaging sample
fruityland carton packaging
fruityland carton packaging
fruityland carton packaging

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