Iranian Sliced dried fruit

Sliced dried fruits are dehydrated sliced Iranian fruits. dehydrating fruits is the best way for preserving them in long term .in this process, the water of fruit will destroy by using machines but taste, color and nutritious contents will remain.

Benefits of Iranian Sliced Dried Fruits

Half a glass of dried fruits has the calories equal to the whole glass of freshly chopped fruit. So, you will be able to eat more of dried fruits and your body will attract more volume of energy, fiber and antioxidants. Dried chopped fruits are Propper choice to be used as a daily snack.



Fruity land Company can supply any kind of dried fruits in three qualities: (according to the size and quality of chosen fruits)

  • A
  • B
  • C



Fruity land dried fruits list:

Product name (dried)







Pine apple





Plum (Red, Black)


Mixed (percentage mixture of fruits) (customer request)




1)fill the request price form which is available in related product page in order to specify your required product and its Specifications, required services. So, you will be informed by the newest price according to your order.

*** kindly be note that chopped dried fruits is variable and will calculate according to many factors: characteristics of product (Grade,Packing,Form) ,required services, terms of shipment and …

 (appearance characteristics of each type also mentioned).


Sliced dried Packaging

Fruity land corporation as it is equipped by the up to dates machines and technologies in the field of providing, processing, preserving and exporting fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts can supply dear worldwide customers all kinds of dried fruits in below packaging:


Dried fruits packaging can be Ziplock box, Normal plastic packaging or carton box:

  • Bulk packaging
  • 5 kg carton  
  • 10 kg carton  
  • Consumer packaging:
  • 1 kg,2 kg
  • From 100 gr to 1000 gr 

It can be varying according to customer’s request


Shelf life

dried fruits can be kept for 2 years after its production date in a room temperature, away from sunlight and in packed form, for preserving dried fruits quality and flavor, it would great to keep them in a refrigerator.


Shipping and services

Fruity land company with its years of experience in the field of exporting fresh / dried fruits and nuts to all over the world, also can take into action all necessary circumstances for transferring, shipping and exporting the products.

This company can make contracts in the form of FOB or CFR depending on customer demands with refrigerated or dry containers.

This company also has offices in Dubai And Turkey for ease of financial transactions.



fruityland packaging sample 2
fruityland packaging sample
fruityland carton packaging
fruityland carton packaging
fruityland carton packaging

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